Members Testimonials

“I couldn’t recommend Integral fitness more… I have a blast every week! Fun is my middle name, and they always keep it interesting with great events throughout the year! I love fitness, AT LAST!”


“I’ve struggled in the past with maintaining weight loss… After losing weight and toning up at Integral , I was worried this would happen again, but here I am re- joining and loving it… If it’s not fun, I lose interest, Integral make it interesting”


“I am delighted with my 6 week transformation at Integral, I’ve toned, I’m full of energy and I’ve made so many new friends… Best decision I ever made!  “


“I went to Integral to lose weight and I came away with much more… I have a proven method to keep the weight off, Im fitter, healthier and definitely happier.”


“I live in Navan and I took part in a “6 week Lose Weight programme” at Integral…Wow, what a great time I had. I made significant weight loss and As a result of this great experience I am signing up for membership immediately. Highly recommended!”


“I couldnt be  happier with the advice and products Ive gotten for my skin. The improvement is incredible and I would highly recommend getting your skin mapped by Paula. Thrilled!”


“High quality is a guarantee at Integral health and Beauty. Thats not to be under estimated – I just WONT go anywhere else for that reason alone”


“Love the convenience of being able to have a treatment while Ella is in the pool – Multi tasking mum at its best! I find Paula very accomadating and personable.”



“We joined Integral in 2010 when it first opened…As active parents we wanted our children to learn at an early age to enjoy excercise… The children can use the pool between 9-7, 7 days a week meaning its never too busy at any one time…No cold children waiting on showers!

-Donal, Mags, Danny, Finn & Carla Nugent


“ Ive been in gyms for 20 years or more so I know what I don’t like as much as I DO like…Im at Integral because everything I need is perfect for me, and I even managed to drag my hubby along to this gym! “

-Peter & Kathleen Fay


“We work together from home, so we love to start our day with a good workout in the gym”

-Scott & Alexandra Watson

“As a fulltime working mother it’s important to find time for you and as I am very keen on fitness, exercising in the gym is definitely my ideal outlet. Integral is definitely the place to be its fun social and you’re pushed hard. Integral Staff Rock.. Now STOP reading and get signed up!!!!

-Carmel Smith Reid


“As a  musician & performer , obviously image is important – I kill two birds with one stone at Integral. My night owl lifestyle can leave you sluggish during the day. I combat that by an early workout and working the guns! BOOM!

-Ronan McQuillan


“As a wife & mum, Integral offers me a range of services ..I can get my workout in, go for a quick swim and grab a nail appoint or Spray tan! Happy days!

-Jenny Fallon


“Integral offers me the whole package…..As a seasoned bodybuilder I expect quality equipment trained instructors in a team environment – Integral has it all.”

-Liam O’Keeffe


“Thanks to Integral Swim Academy for my 3 little fishes! Starting off with no pool experience I am thrilled with the confidence and skill taught by the array of swim instructors. Teaching swimming FROM the water – BRILLIANT INTEGRAL!

-Lucy Campbell


“With an average of 9 classes a week I dread to think of individual class costings! I find Integral Fitness classes hard to beat for value and quality. Especially when the staff are always in such good spirits and push you when you need it most!

-Elaine McDonagh


Golden Years!

Its important to keep fit at our age. It’s a social gym so we love the banter! Integral Fitness & PLEASURE!!!

Michael Hogan, Martin Rice, Bobby Aspell, Patrick McCabe